Circula Barcelona

Setting the pace of change!



Joint venture of a group of local car dealers, which cannot compete in terms of budget spending with the major car manufacturers and the TV ad market.

In order to take advantage of the new regulations of Barcelona City Council, which will ban the circulation of older vehicles within the city, the need for a new digital strategy has been raised, far beyond the presence of digital websites.


How might we compete on a low cost budget basis?



Selling cars through the internet isn't new, so to create impact on the audience, the digital strategy was focused on simplicity, usability, and fast & cheap implementation, building-up a new shared platform. In addition, we've implemented a hyper-targeted, localized ad campaign to maximize ROI.


A place where to buy and/or sell your car.

- Easy choices and few steps.
- Own cars catalogue.
- Partnership & thir party catalogue integration (with instant leasing approval!).
- Fully automated.

Up to 3k unique monthly visitors.

Fastest sales and consumer database growth among direct competitors.

Sí Circula Barcelona

The platform, price 1st.

Many car selling platforms are a bit "tangled", with too many choices and steps. Instead of trying to mimic the same process, the "only" and relevant choice we implemented in the first step was the price range. Meant for those, who are in the need to change their car due to the City's incomming ban. So if the price isn't an issue, and neither the time, you will probably chose other options and look for a specific car/brand on other platforms.

Circula Barcelona

The message, 6€/day

Not only because we targeted budget cars audience, but given the fact that the car market will change drastically in the coming years and that the “pay-per-use” model will replace the current one. In order to impact, change the mindset and facilitate the choice, we’ve implemented a “DAILY PRICE” message. So, you can easily compare the prices of car-sharing platforms, or car rentals, which are already marketed at a daily or ride price...

Setting the pace of change!

Life B.C. vs A.C.


"Your car, from 4€?"

And suddenly the world stopped. None of us ever imagined how the Covid-19 pandemic would impact and change our lives. Nor the sales strategy... In the world after the coronavirus, the daily price message we've introduced a year earlier, became the new standard.

and so on...

In order to sell-out the car stock, and recover the sales, the daily price message has been adopted by many brands in the domestic market, within the effort to make the cars appear to be cheaper and less expendable...

Incremental Innovation

Selling your car

Setting a new industry's digital standard.



When it comes to sell your car, getting the right price and sell it fast, isn’t always as easy as it might seem to be. Even one of the Europe’s biggest car resellers is doing most of the transactions in physical places. Apart of the commercial strategy of “take the cash now and leave the car here”, we believe that the whole experience could be made fully online. Easier and faster.

The pilot idea was to give instant price to the customers, avoiding the process of filling multiple fields.

Why don’t we allow the customers to simply upload few pictures, and “Voilà”!

Comptamos tu coche

The engine

Backend that works with license plate database to get the vehicle’s information, and aiming to implement an AI image recognition to detect if it's in good shape, or has been modified.

Compramos tu coche

Just three clicks

Drag and drop. Upload the images of your car. General picture, license plate, dashboard, and done! Lightweight and easy interaction platform. Mobile first, fully responsive.


The minimum possible steps. Upload the images, add your personal information, and get the appraisal instantly right on your device.

This engine could be also used to create an automatic ad on selling platforms like Autoscout24.


And then, once again. The pandemic lockdown acted as a boost, where most consumers were forced to change their habits and the marketers too, to meet the needs of their customers to keep selling.

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