shifting mindset to circular

A broader and more holistic approach!
"using design thinking to fix design thinking."


is related to the human attribute. A desirable solution, one that people really need.


the availability of resources, technology and capacity to carry out the proposal.

Circular Design


the sustainable business model part, with a long-term significant contribution


How to avoid falling into the dark side when it comes to innovate?


development isn't disruptive to society itself


of the technology is what makes it disruptive


we turn ideas into circular economy is what matters

New technologies can expand the universe of possible design solutions, but it is empathy with people in their actual daily lives that is essential to great design and disruptive innovation.

We need to imagine different ways to redesign products or services with a circular economy attitude.

Organic computer chips...

Waste is a huge problem. Did you know that 46 billion cigarette butts are tossed every year only in Spain? It's 140,000 of tons of cigarette butts.

Cigarette butt littering is not about smokers and the tobacco industry. It is a worldwide contamination issue, a toxic waste potentially diminishing our quality of life. And, interestingly enough, it is also a unique opportunity for innovation and value creation through circular design!

Imagine how to redesign products / services, solving food waste, packaging, programmed obsolescence, fast fashion, tech waste and increasing energetic consumption challenges.

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