Sound Design

Sound Design For Architecture

Re-imagine the experience from an auditory point of view.

"We never see the same thing, when we also hear it.
We never hear the same thing, when we also see it".



Sound Design for Architecture could be the next big revolution in architecture as it was electricity and endless new lighting possibilities. A similar development like in film industries from the silent movie in 1925 to the 8.1 Dolby surround sound movies.

Sound Design for Architecture (SDFA) creates soundscapes for public spaces. Functional sound design, not music, but pure sound totally connected to the architectural environment, the space.

What does it solve?

- Improves the subconscious cognitive perception and make emotional memories. Soundscape delivers a completely different perception of the space. We offer sound design as added value.

- A totally new aspect to the perception of contemporary architecture. A previously unconsidered value of spatial awareness.

- Boost and empower the concept message of the space, “talking” and interacting with the audience.

- SDFA is a new communication tool, creating a unique Brand Sonic Identity.

- SDFA can change and improve the perceptual affordance and fix an acoustic mismatches.

Sound Design For Architecture

Concept example of soundscapes for public spaces: Foyers, entrances, passage ways, receptions, waiting rooms, halls, stairways, for international offices, banks, hotels, city halls, libraries, museums, concert halls, cultural centers, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, private homes and living spaces.


How could we expand our scope?

How might we make the SDFA accessible to everyone?



The strategy to capture the impact through the democratization of the soundscapes design beyond the architects or developers.

Value Impact for SDFA:

A high-potential service -with largely unexplored possibilities- commercially available worldwide (i.e:)...

- R&D studies and metrics
- Soundscapes AI
- Apps
- Culture and entertainment

... making a significant contribution to the development of new technologies with affordable cost and performance.

Using both the SDFA project and its results to broaden the client base and / or strengthen relationships and opportunities for business.

Love Casa Batlló feat. Gaudí

Love Casa Batlló feat. Gaudí

Transform physical spaces into sound waves to create a single from the genuine sound map in collaboration with a prestigious artist.

Binaural audio app

Binaural experience app

AI model, that delivers a vivid, rich and immersive experience soundscapes. Feel and listen to the environment while moving around.

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