Business Model Design

Casa Batlló

Steroids for an outdated audio-guide! Impact your customers with an immersive AR/VR experience without additional fee.



A completely redesigned visitor experience that combines augmented reality and virtual elements to offer a much more dynamic, immersive, captivating and surprising cultural visit concept. From pilot to a massive deployment, challenging and solving the technical issues.

Let's keep the magic going!


How could we scale the pilot without increasing costs?

Reaching an average daily audience of 3000 visitors giving a smart guide for free.



The intention of the BMG approach was to create value and replace obsolete model, taking a holistic view of the project, making it feasible, desirable and viable.

To achieve the viability of the project, we had to create and invent an ad-hoc solutions within the multiple iterations.

Through Open Innovation we get the involvement of strategic partners, offering high service capacity without economic impact for the consumer or for the customer's operating margin.

Value Impact for Casa Batlló:

Setting up a qualitative leap, leadership and differentiation with a high quality product. The difference between renting an audio guide in a museum or having a SmartGuide with exclusive content at no additional cost.

Casa Batlló SmartGuide

Visits to Casa Batlló are carried out with an augmented reality guide, providing a unique, dynamic and immersive experience. The most enjoyable and visual way to immerse yourself in the Gaudí universe.

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